Wednesday, October 28, 2009


More often than not I have failed to understand the greater scheme of things, God's master design and plan for my life. I am faced with this once again. I have found unexpected joy. I have found happiness and a safe place. I have found a shelter in the storm and a giggle amongst the tears. I have found a friend and a confidant. I have found someone that I am proud of and someone that is proud of me. I have found a voice of reason that realys what I need to hear and not what I want to hear because he loves me enough. I have found joy. I have found joy that runs deeper and runs past the changing tides of happines. I have found comfort and I have found truth and I have found trust.

God promises that He will restore what the locasts rob us of. He has restored so much to me in friendship.

I suppose that the joy you bring me is because I know that it is something that God smiles upon, because it is something my mom smiles upon and because it is something that loves more and asks of nothing in return.

You bring me joy.
Thank you.